A collection of mix and match dresses and coats with a professional flair for the Office Suit VIII by 3D-Age for both La Femme and V4.

Release Date:

May 02, 2022

Base Model Required:

Office Suit VIII by 3D-Age (The La Femme and/or the Victoria 4 version)

Required Software:

Poser 11 or 12

I liked putting this set together in such a way that makes the dresses and coats “mix’n’match” so that you can theoretically have more than just eight set outfits. The styling is basically “fun professional”. Most of the coats are cotton-tweed with one being velvet and most of the dresses are satin-silk with one being cotton lace. Each clothing piece has detailed, realistic stitching and hem details. I tried to make each texture look as realistic as possible, which is what I usually do with my clothing texture sets. Now to choose my next project!

Nine to Five for Office Suit VIII

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